2009 - 2010

Photos of Marguerite's Grandchildren Grace & Crawford in 2009 & 2010

Photos in 2009 show Grace from when she was born. Chandi and Gar originally planned to have a Birth Center birth with a midwife and doula but after a very long labor, they went to the hospital for the delivery. Grace is clearly a beauty, even in her first photos that include being a "Pea in a Pod" for Halloween! At two weeks of age, a professional photographer came to the house and took dozens of shots of Grace, Chandi, Gar, and the grandmothers. A few weeks later it was Christmas. Grace's maternal grandparents, Oma and Opa, her uncle Leif, and her cousins Griffin and Miriam, came to California to celebrate with her. Grandma Wheety and Grandpa George also went up to Orange County for a visit with everyone. By the end of the year Grace was starting to smile and was growing like a champ!


In 2010 Grace continued to grow and develop. In March Grandma Wheety enrolled in a Gourmet Chef Crash Course at Laguna Culinary Arts school for a month -- this included regular overnights with The Jackson 3. When the spring flowers started to bloom, Grandma and Grace sat down in the middle of them! Grace's first plane trip to New York was also in March. She and Chandi enjoyed St Patrick's day in NY City and Grace wore the little "tutu" made by Grandma. They also spent time with Griffin and Miriam, and Opa and Oma in West Hampton Beach, Long Island. In April Grace started swimming lessons with her Daddy.

Grandma enjoyed the afternoon at Sherman Gardens with Grace and Gar while Chandi got some work done! On 4/25/10 we had a backyard party for about 35 people and Grace, Gar, and Chandi all came. Grace was the "star of the show", of course, and got her feet wet in the jacuzzi.

Grace was christened in Long Island on June 27 in a dress Grandma made from the bottom of Chandi's wedding dress. Gar and Chandi's good friends, Gabree and Romel are her Godparents. A lovely reception followed at Oma and Opa's home and several of Gar's relatives came too!

In October of 2010 we went to Long Island and enjoyed Grace's first birthday in New York. All of us were there together and took terrific photos on the beach.

For her second Christmas, Grace and her parents were in Long Island with Oma and Opa and the cousins. Grace is walking now which will be a challenge in 2011 for her parents and her new dog Gretel.

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