Photos of Marguerite's Grandchildren Grace & Crawford in 2012

On January 2, 2012, we welcomed Crawford Gardner Jackson IV. He weighed 9 lbs and 4 ounces and was 21 inches long -- a big boy! Crawford was born at Kaiser Hospital in Irvine. Grace is being a very good big sister and the family of five (includes Gretel, the poodle) are nicely settled into their lovely home on Lido Island. Grandma Wheety (EeeEee) has resumed her three days/week babysitting and is enjoying it very much.

Crawford IV is growing very fast and now smiling and laughing. Chandi took a terrific video of him at almost 2 months that you can watch on the website. Grace is being a very good big sister and thoroughly enjoyed a visit in late February from her two cousins, Griffin (7) and Miriam (5) and Opa and Oma. The four of them, the Jackson 4, and Grandma Wheety all went to LegoLand one afternoon and had a grand ol' time. Grace is learning Spanish from her Friday babysitter, Elvia, and enjoys "Music Together" every Wednesday with Grandma Wheety (EE).

Shortly after Crawford IV was born the family had professional photos made. Several are included below. In March Grace hosted a "Spring Fling" for 7 little 2-year-old girls and their parents. It was great fun. Grandma EE made pink t-shirts for all of them with appliqued bunnies and their names. Then on March 24 the family went to the annual Easter party at the Lido Island Yacht Club and Grace had a grand time running around and got her face painted! Baby brother is looking like quite a little man now and enjoyed the party too.

May 5 was Opening Day for the Lido Island Yacht Club and there was a parade too. Grace and her little friend, Beth, rode in a specially decorated wagon that also did "double duty" for the 4th of July Parade. Everyone had a great time and after the parade Gar et al. hosted a BBQ at their home. In June Grandpa George and EE gave their piano to Gar, Chandi, Grace, and CGJ4 so that they can all learn to play. Grace has already figured out it is best to use one finger rather than her whole hand, and is beginning to recognize notes. CGJ4 giggles when she plays! Opa brought Griffin and Miriam to visit mid-June and the kids, Gar, Opa, and EE spend the day at LegoLand. Opa treated the group to a cabana and EE hung out there with all the "stuff" while everybody else did water activities. We were there for many hours and everyone was exhausted after a full day of lots of fun!

Summer was a busy time for the family as all of them went to Long Island for September with Chandi's parents and "the cousins" as Grace calls Griffin and Miriam. On September 2, Crawford Gardner Jackson IV was baptized at the Presbyterian Chapel with the same minister who baptized Chandi years ago. Marguerite (EE) went to NY for the baptism, of course. Once the family got back to California we had to test out the height requirements at LegoLand and Grace has made it to 36" (with the help of shoes with nice heals!) so she and her Daddy can go on more rides. Halloween was fun with Grace and Crawford attending a "dinosaur dig" birthday party a few days before. EE made Flinstone's fur outfits for them to wear that were a very big hit!! The holidays brought lots of fun with Grace and Gar helping to decorate "EE's tree" and afterwards Grace got to take a bubble bath in EE's big tub!! Her favorite ornaments are those of her Daddy "when he was a little boy" and also the beautiful ballerina from EE since she is now taking ballet lessons.

Christmas 2012 was an especially exciting time because the New York family came to California for the holidays! Oma, Opa, Leif, Jenn, Griffin and Miriam all came for a visit right after Christmas, and EE and GG (Grandpa George) got together with them for a late Christmas dinner on December 28. George had a good time with the camera making movies and snapping photos. See the last entry for the year for examples. Grace was thrilled to have a few days with "her cousins" and Crawford 4 was a very good boy, just poised on the brink of walking!!

Baby Crawford Wake-up Movie

Baby Crawford Good Day Movie

Finger Painting Movie

Dog Hair Day Movie

Crawford Bow-Tie Movie

Buddy's Birthday Movie

Crawford Eating Movie

Gracie Piano Movie

Gracie Piano Music Movie

Crawford Exercising Movie

Gracie Chocolate Movie

Crawford Eating Movie

Gracie (By Tree) Dance Movie

Crawford Kitchen Movie

2012 Christmas Dinner Movie

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