Photos of Marguerite's Grandchildren Grace & Crawford in 2013

2013 began with winding down from the post-Christmas visit by Oma, Opa, Leif, Jenn, Griffin, and Miriam -- the New York family -- and celebrating Crawford's first birthday on January 2.

The newest family acquisition is a 2011 Toyota Sienna that Grace has aptly named "The Magic Van" because the side doors open with the push of a button! It has three rows of seats and can accommodate the two large car seats required for child safety. Both kids are getting back on a routine and EE will be helping out whenever needed. It is such a joy to see these little children turn into "real people"!!

Crawford started walking in early March and quickly was getting everywhere and climbing too!! At Easter the family participated in the annual "Bunny Party" at the Lido Island Community Center. There was face painting, animal balloons, swimming, and lots of food! A good time was had by all.

Grace started Monarch Bay Montessori School in March and absolutely loves it! She is a natural Montessori child, what with both parents being Montessori children and both her grandmother (Chandi's Mom) and great grandmother (Marguerite's mother) being Montessori teachers! The school goes through 3rd grade and Crawford will also go there when he is old enough.

Grace is also taking ballet and tap lessons and loves both! There is a cute video of her tap dancing after only one lesson!! LegoLand continues to be a regular attraction for the family and Crawford IV especially likes the dinosaur dig area.

By June Grace was riding her bicycle with no training wheels! There is also a cute video of her riding the bike at the July 4th party at the Community Center. The decorated wagon got good service again with Crawford IV riding in it like a prince! Grace and her friend Beth both participated in the parade on their decorated bikes.

The summer went quickly and on August 7, Chandi, Grace, and Crawford went to Long Island to spend a couple of months with Oma and Opa Neubauer. Gar and EE went to the Galapagos Islands August 16-26 and then Gar joined the family in New York for both vacation and business meetings in September.

While on Long Island, Grace learned to swim by herself and Crawford started talking more and more. Over Labor Day weekend they attended the Carnival at Gar's cousin Neville and family's summer home in West Hampton Beach. The Carnival includes lots of fun events for kids including face painting, balloon animals, and various jumping activities!

During the summer Grace was a flower girl for the wedding of her Uncle Leif. Jenn was a beautiful bride and Leif's children, Griffin and Miriam, were also in the wedding. Crawford IV was especially good at the reception and "danced around" until late in the evening! Another event on Long Island at the end of summer on Long Island is Octoberfest and the Pumpkin Patch that all kids and Oma and Opa visit regularly.

On September 26 the family came back to California and shortly thereafter, EE went for a visit and returned their poodle Gretel who had spent the summer mostly with Grandpa George while she was out of town!

In early October, a lovely young woman from Germany named Christina came to be an Au Pair for a year to help out with the kids while Chandi returns to the workforce. She and the kids get along great! Grace has gone back to her Montessori school and just loves it. In a couple of the photos you can see Grace in some special pajamas made by EE to match the same pajamas EE made for Chandi for her birthday.

The Fall included a visit by EE to Grace's Montessori School. The children did a lovely presentation for "Grandparents Day" and presented each grandparent with a personalized oven mitt. EE has hers hanging in the kitchen so it is easy to use!! In December, "The Dill's Annual Holiday Open House" was on December 22. The kids were the hit of the party. Grace made new friends with the Veronique and Zoe Yphantides (Marguerite is their "Aunt Marguerite") and the big girls taught Grace some new tricks on the iPad. Of course, Grace and EE both wore red for the occasion. Crawford was intrigued by all the decorations and "attractive nuisances" so Gar couldn't let him out of his sight! The visit ended with a bubble bath in EE's jacuzzi tub!

Crawford First Birthday Movie

Crawford Van Movie

Crawford Walking Movie

Crawford Walk'in Movie

Gracie Dance Movie

Gracie Presents Movie

Gracie Mother's Day Movie

Gracie Bike Movie

Gracie Miniature Golf Movie

Gracie Real Golf Movie

Opa + Gracie Movie

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