Photos of Marguerite's Grandchildren Grace & Crawford in 2015

2015 began with Crawford IV's birthday January 2. The Neubauer grandparents came for a short visit the end of the year and the kids really enjoyed seeing them. They celebrated Crawford's birthday while they were in town and EE celebrated again in early January, including a trip to "bouncy park" where both Grace and Crawford worked on blowing bubbles. Grace is quite good; Crawford not so much!

Later in the month Grace attended an "Alice in Wonderland" birthday party for a little friend and EE created an Alice dress for her to wear with her long blonde wig! In the photo she is showing off her sparkly "tattoo" of a pony. Grace is enjoying taking pony riding lessons.

The weather in February and March in Newport Beach was unseasonably warm so there was lots of time spent outdoors and at the waterfront. Grace also takes pony lessons every Saturday and has a riding outfit, complete with large black visor! In early March there was a huge horse show in Palm Springs where Grace and Chandi went for a weekend and got to see Crawford's godmother, Kathleen, win a blue ribbon over 63 other riders!

During mid-March, EE kept the grandkids so Gar and Chandi could have a weekend away. Both Grace and Crawford love to explore the water's edge looking for shells and sea glass and we also used the time to make cupcakes, play games on the i-pad, and Grace and EE played a challenging game of Junior Scrabble. Crawford especially likes to play with his mini-Lego guys, and both kids have learned from EE the joys of shopping for polly pocket dolls and Lego-guys on EBay!!

Easter was very special this year. The annual Bunny Party at the Lido Isle clubhouse was a big success. Chandi was in charge again and did a great job! This year there were TWO bounce houses so the big kids could have one and the little kids could have the other. Both Crawford and Grace love bounce houses but with big kids not so much... Spring break for Grace and Crawford and their cousins, Griffin and Miriam, was the week after Easter so Oma and Opa came out with the cousins. Grace and Miriam went to pony camp 9-2 daily and loved riding ponies and learning more about horses; Griffin went to surf camp a couple of days; the family went whale watching and fishing too. EE and Grandpa George went up for dinner one night and a good time was had by all hunting eggs many times!!

The next big event was the kids' Spring Show for Monarch Bay Montessori School. It is held every year at a church nearby. Each class makes a presentation and all of the children are very well behaved! The school has over 100 kids who range in age from under three to about nine. It is a traditional Montessori school and both Grace and Crawford are doing very well there. The wonderful large photo was taken in the Spring as part of their school photos. School is out on June 5 and on June 4 was the "alphabet parade" when all of the children dress up and parade around the shopping center where the school is located. Grace gave specific instructions that she wanted to be a goldfish with a gold sequin costume and net over the eye holes so she could see! Of course, EE made her one!! It was the hit of the parade, of course. EE participated in the parade with her elephant hat. Crawford was a caveman with a costume from a while back. The summer is filled with exciting activities and the annual trip to Long Island for August/early September.

The summer got off to a good start with a trip to LegoLand. Grace is now tall enough to ride a roller coaster so she and Chandi tried one out -- They loved it! We had dinner at Casa Bandini in Carlsbad. Grace continues with pony lessons and is now trotting (see movie below). The annual July 4th neighborhood parade was a big hit and EE helped Grace decorate her bike and Chandi/Crawford's bike with lots of bling. Both kids tried out Jujitsu and will start lessons in the Fall.

Gar and his family spent August and part of September in Westhampton Beach, New York, visiting with Chandi's parents and cousins, Miriam and Griffin. Gar was back and forth to Orange County for work; Chandi and the kids loved "hanging out" with all the relatives there. Grace went to Oma's Beach Camp, and both Grace and Crawford became very good swimmers in their grandparents' pool. EE welcomed them home on September 10 with a walk to the park and the swings in 90+ degree heat!! The kids go back to school on September 14.

The Fall was a busy time, as usual. Grace's birthday October 23 included a celebration at her school and wishes by all the children including "I hope your teeth come in good" by one of her classmates. Halloween was welcomed with special costumes made by EE. Grace was "Sibella, daughter of Dracula" from the Scooby Doo cartoon. A purple dress, purple hair, and red sash and shoes complemented her vampire teeth! Crawford was two characters: Dracula and Tin Man and he wore both outfits several times! Thanksgiving included "Grandparents Day" at their school that is always very special. The children fixed stone soup and each participated in singing several songs. Grace was the announcer for her class and invited the group to "sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!" Christmas was spent with Oma and Opa and Chandi's family on Long Island. The weather was warm most of the time and the kids visited many interesting places. Most enjoyable was playing with the cousins, Griffin (11) and Miriam (9). Grace's favorite gift is an Easy Bake Oven that she opened with great delight when they returned from NY. Crawford got more LegoGuys and a Darth Vader nutcracker!

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Clams Movie

Egg Hunt-1 Movie

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Goldfish Movie

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