Photos of Marguerite's Grandchildren Grace & Crawford in 2017

2017 got started with a trip by EE to Texas mid-January. Unfortunately, she had to come right back home to take care of Grandpa George who was having major pain issues from pinched nerves in his back. After medical treatment George is feeling much better. Gar and family will come to California for Spring Break in early March that will include seeing old friends in Orange County and a visit to LegoLand and the San Diego Safari Park, followed by BBQ at EE and Grandpa George's house.

Spring Break in Texas came in early March so Gar, Chandi, Grace and Crawford came to Orange County to visit friends and also EE and Grandpa George. They stayed in OC but came down to LegoLand one day. EE joined them and a grand time was had exploring the new activities that have been added over the last few months. They stayed at the LegoLand Sheraton and enjoyed the pool and other amenities. The next day they came to Escondido to go to the Wild Animal Park with EE. Gar, Grace, Crawford and EE spent the afternoon there and had a wonderful time, thanks to renting a double stroller so both kids could "ride" up and down the hills. Chandi took the day in downtown San Diego to have a hair cut, good lunch, and some retail therapy! We invited Debi, Veronique and Zoe Yphantides to join us for dinner. EE got out lots of crafts and the kids spent three hours working with them! The adults enjoyed visiting on the patio. EE supervised the kids and cleaned up! Grandpa George enjoyed seeing everyone too.

April was a very busy month with the Jackson family in Texas. Grace's school had a talent show with the "Fabulous Fifties" theme. Grace and friends sang "Its my party...and I'll cry if I want to!" in her poodle outfit made by EE, of course. Several other children also must have sewing grandmas as there were many poodle skirts! When the cousins, Griffin, Miriam, and Henry, had Spring Break in Long Island, they came to Texas along with parents Leif and Jenn and Oma and Opa. A grand time was had by all doing many "Texas things". Then Easter Sunday came with brunch at the Yacht Club with the Easter Bunny and Cousin Keith (Gar's first cousin who is the son of Aunt Betsy and Uncle Brent) who has now moved to Dallas too. Later in the month was a synchronized swimming competition where Grace is on a team with several other girls.

In mid-June Marguerite/EE visited the Jackson Family in Dallas for a week. Grace and EE made a wonderful quilt that Grace designed, embroidered, and helped EE put together. It is 20 images about the people and places of her first seven years. Crawford continues to love LEGOs and plays with many combinations and has developed excellent building skills too. Of course, we ate some good BBQ from the "green egg" and had quite a bit of rain/thunder/lightening that Gretel does not like at all!

The summer included a visit for the Jackson family with the Neubauer family on Long Island and lots of fun sights and water sports. Their grandma Oma runs a wonderful beach camp each summer and both kids attend it each year. A week during July was spent in Orange County with Grace going to synchronized swimming camp and Crawford going to sailing camp. Grandpa George and EE had Sunday brunch with Chandi and the kids at Haute Cakes, and EE attended Grace's synchro performance (including a solo!). Before returning to Texas the family made a visit to "The City" where EE treated them to tickets to Lion King.

Fall came with the family returning to Texas. Grace and Crawford are being Home Schooled this year so there is quite a bit more schedule flexibility. One trip included the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida where both kids were fascinated by the dolphin, Winter, who was rescued and survived without a tail fin. A wonderful movie, "Dolphin Tale" was made about Winter in 2011. In November, EE visited to be the "visiting Home School professor" for a week while Chandi was out of town and Gar was busy with his work. The kids did great and EE passed with flying colors too!

Christmas was spent again in New York with the Neubauer family: Oma and Opa, Uncle Leif, Aunt Jenn, and cousins Griffin, Miriam, and Henry. Grace's job for the holidays was to set the Christmas Eve table, complete with place cards and fancy napkins and napkin rings (with a little help from EE's sewing machine and hot glue gun!). Several visits to the Quogue Wildlife Refuge included finding out that The Neubauer Family is sponsoring a bee hive this year! This was the family gift from EE and Grandpa George. If the bees have a productive year, the family will receive 10 pounds of fresh honey!! There was a little snow too and a good time was had by all.

Gracie Playing Piano

Gracie Singing w/Piano

Grace Skiing

Crawford Sledding

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