Photos of Marguerite's Grandchildren Grace & Crawford in 2019

In mid-January, Marguerite (Grandma EE) went to Texas to spend several days. One purpose of the visit was to keep Grace and Crawford and be the home school teacher while Gar and Chandi came to California for a few days. While there, they picked up the red Cadillac from Grandpa George and drove it back to Dallas. For that part of the visit EE had help from Cousin Keith and we saw a couple of movies together with Grace and Crawford. After Gar and Chandi got home It was Keith's birthday so we had a little celebration for him. The whole family saw Shen Yun -- a marvelous performance! Grace and EE did a lot of sewing and made three nightgowns for her and her doll! Crawford has become a master Lego builder and he enjoyed showing EE some of his handiwork. We finished the visit with a painting session at a wonderful studio where they provide all the materials and instruction and the "artists" bring home their creations.

The end of April Marguerite/EE made a quick trip to Texas to help Grace make 8 costumes for their little theater performance of "Honk, Jr." (a modern version of The Ugly Duckling) on May 17. Grace was the official costume designer and EE and Grace made the costumes together with a lot of help from AmazonPrime! There are 5 children in the show so Grace and two other girls wear two costumes each. Crawford is "the ugly duckling" complete with a newsboy costume covered with grey feathers! During the trip Cousin Keith took EE and Crawford to In-and-Out burger as a tribute to Grandpa George's love of that food. Their Heath, Texas house is now nicely decorated so EE took photos. The dining room is Home School Central and works very well.

Gracie French Part 1 Movie

Gracie French Part 2 Movie

Gracie Dance Costume Movie

Gracie & Crawford Play Movie

Swinging Movie

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