2019 Party 2019 Backyard Party

Backyard Party, August 2019

On August 25, Marguerite and George hosted a "backyard party" for family and friends. Gar, Chandi, Grace and Crawford were visiting and this was an opportunity to get them together with some of Gar's friends and families as well as a "good excuse" for other friends to join too!

Gar's friends included the Schwerdtfeger, Pederson, and Sutherland families and Steve Kuster also stopped by.

Some old friends and new friends also attended.

Help with the party and some wonderful food was provided by Sachiko Kleinfeldt -- part of our "family" for over 40 years! Irv and Barbara Erdos, our wonderful across-the -street neighbors, provided a delicious chocolate cake. Also, our dear friend Misty Dawn Newton and her family helped with logistics and kept things going. That way Marguerite got to enjoy the party also!

A high point of the event was a taco bar provided by Misty's son Anthony and his friend Luis who own Brotha Grillz. They provided several kinds of delicious tacos with all the trimmings as well as grilled salmon. A good time was had by all.

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