Photos of Marguerite's Grandchildren Grace & Crawford in 2020

The new year got off to a slow start as there was much activity at the end of 2019 with the grand kids visiting San Diego and Grace celebrating her 10th birthday at La Quinta Resort and Spa in Palm Desert. Gar and family returned to Texas before Christmas and enjoyed several days of a visit by Oma and Opa who delighted getting out of the cold on Long Island.

Grace and Crawford are settled into the new year with the Classical Conversations Home School curriculum and regular meetings with other CC students every Friday. Crawford is becoming a very good golfer and he and Gar go to the Rockwall Golf Course a couple of times each week to "hit some balls" and practice. Grace is deep in the throes of little theater with the first production, The Lion King, doing two performances on February 8. Grace made the costumes for the "grass" creatures and was also an antelope and another animal. Grace and EE are signed up to make costumes for "Nemo, the musical" that is being presented in May. This performance will use puppets so we are being creative in making the costumes!

The "view from above" is of Gar's home in Heath, Texas. He got a drone for Christmas and this is evidence of the power of those little devices. The home sits on an acre lot next to a 35-square-mile lake. Lots of space is very nice!

Well...Covid-19 came along mid March and everything changed.

In early summer Grace participated in a "sleep away camp" in the Dallas area. The girls were limited to small groups and most of the activities were outside. Grace had a grand time anyway. Crawford and Gar played golf as often as the weather would permit. Before everything went to "lock down" in Texas, Gar, Chandi, Grace and Crawford went to Florida for a wedding and visit in the Palm Beach area. Gar and Chandi got "gussied up" to attend the formal wedding and the kids did a lot of sightseeing.

In July and August, Gar and family went to Long Island for a visit with the Neubauer grandparents and cousins. Many usual summer activities were discontinued so the summer did not turn out the way they had hoped. Grace did participate in theater and the group made a video with masks and social distancing. The Neubauer family did take their annual week-long vacation together. This year they went to the Outer Banks and rented a large house. Grace and Chandi did not go as Grace did not want to miss theater and be quarantined. Gar and Crawford went together and had a good week at the beach and fishing.

The family returned to Texas in September. Driving back and forth also permitted nice visits with Betsy and family in North Carolina en route.

Fall continues with Home School and Halloween included limited activities with other home school families. EE made a wonderful "Glinda from Wicked" blue dress for Grace complete with jewels and a hoop skirt! Crawford was a Latin monkey with a monkey suit (thanks to Amazon), an olive leaf head piece, and a t-shirt with Salve (hello) on the front and Vale (goodbye) on the back.

Christmas will be very low key as the family is not traveling during that time. Marguerite and George will forego the Holiday Party and decorating this year also.

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