Photos of Marguerite's Grandchildren Grace & Crawford in 2021

After a very difficult 2020 with no visits with the grand kids and certainly no travel anywhere, we are hopeful 2021 will be a better year.

Photos include one of Marguerite at the Old Globe costume shop as a model for a wig. This was early in 2020; photo of Gar and Chandi also from early 2020 when they attended a wedding in Florida. In 2021 both Marguerite and George got two shots of Covid-19 vaccine and decided it was safe to venture out and about a bit. So... Marguerite visited Texas for a long weekend and had a marvelous time with the grand kids and Gar and Chandi.

The family recently adopted a retired 6-year-old apricot poodle and the lower dog photo is of Crawford and Lucy before she had her "poodle cut". They also have many other animals and plan to raise chickens in their backyard soon. Projects included a Roman shade for the dining room and some sewing with Grace.

We also attended church on Sunday at the home of some Home School friends. It was a lovely experience. Photo of Crawford with the big dog was at their house. Other photos were outside.

During the big winter storm in Texas the family was without power and water for a few days. They stayed with friends who had power, and Chandi took 6 tiny quails in her pocket. They had just hatched! When they got home (with power and water) the kids built snowmen!

On the Texas visit, Grace and EE began a blue calico dress for a Homeschool presentation about Eliza Hamilton. We ran out of time so EE finished the dress at home and shipped it to Texas. Grace is in junior theater and will be in a performance on Mother's day. EE has tickets to go for another long weekend so she can see the show. Thank goodness for our friend Misty who stays with George when Marguerite goes to Texas.

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