Austraia Trip Australia and New Zealand Pictures

Australia and New Zealand Pictures

The reason we went on this trip is because Marguerite was invited by the Australian Infection Control Association to be the Keynote Speaker at their annual meeting. The meeting was in Melbourne and Marguerite brought George along for company. In fact she took coach seats rather than business class in exchange for two coach seats so George could go for free. We had a wonderful time and Marguerite got to speak not only in Melbourne but also in Adelaide, Sydney, and Auckland.

Marguerite at AICA Reception

Here Marguerite is getting in the mood by having a glass of wine at the reception. Marguerite was at her perfect weight and had nice long hair. George was 45 pounds over weight, but in the best physical condition in 20 years. However we relearned some bad habbits on this trip and our glory days were numbered.

Marguerite & George at Friend's Home

Marguerite has many friends in Australia. We went to visit one. Her name is Maggie and has a nice home about 25 miles to the south of Melbourne.

Marguerite On Our Hotel Patio in Melbourne

Melbourne is a very nice large city, reminded me of Chicago. We had a nice room in a nice hotel near a town market. Marguerite had a good time shopping in Melbourne.

Marguerite's Friends in Melbourne

Bernadette and Kieren drove us from Melbourne to Adelaide via the coastal route. We saw many interesting rock formations in the Great Australian Bight. There is a lot of land and sea coast in Australia.

George & Marguerite on South Australian Coast

We enjoyed our trek from Melbourne to Adelaide. Many interesting views at rest stops along the way.

View from Our Hotel Room in Sydney

The view from our hotel room was nice. We were about 5 miles from downtown Sydney in Knightsbridge. The next day George climbed the Syndey Bridge.

George and View of Sydney Opera House

Live Long and Prosper!

George Leaving Top of Sydney Bridge

The bridge climb is a very popular activity in Sydney for tourists. Costs about $90 and takes about 3 hours. One hour for the climb (very easy) and 2 hours of getting dressed and going through training.

Marguerite Taking It Easy in Rotorua, New Zealand

We rented a car in New Zealand and drove from Auckland down to Christchurch. New Zealand is much greener than most of Australia, but Sydney is a fun town, hard to pick between the two for our favorite spot on this trip. Sydney reminds one of San Francisco or a much greener San Diego.

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