Hawaii Some Pictures from Oahu, Hawaii (Big Island), and Maui

Some Pictures from Oahu, Hawaii (Big Island), and Maui

Marguerite and George went to Hawaii just for a vacation. One big thrill was to rent a PT Cruiser because we planned to buy one in the future. Since we had been to Hawaii before, the trip was restful but not too exciting.

In Punch Bowl Overlooking Waikiki

From the Punch Bowl Military Cemetary we could view Waikiki and Diamond Head.

Marguerite Resting Inside Diamond Head

Our plan was to walk from the bottom of the crater to the top and view the city. Far is we got was this bench about 10% of the way up.

Marguerite at the Arizona Pearl Harbor Memorial

Very interesting memorial. Oil was still coming up from the Battle Ship after all these years.

In our Rented PT Cruiser we Toured the Big Island

We are in a lava park. It is over a hundred years old and therefore new growth has come into being. We loved the PT Cruiser and Marguerite will get a red one when she retires.

George On a New Lava Field

This lave field is only a few years old. Not far from here was an active lava flow.

Marguerite Inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

We are inside a crater which has little craters inside it. The ground is still hot and smoke and gas come out of vents.

Marguerite in Front of a Lava Tube we Explored

This was very interesting. We went through the lava tube.

Marguerite After Tumble Into Ditch

Marguerite in good spirits after tumble into ditch. She was looking up at the tall trees and Akakka Falls and did not notice the path curved. She fell into major mud.

Marguerite On Our Maui Hotel Balcony

By Maui we were a little Hawaii'ed out. Best part of the trip for Marguerite was driving the PT Cruiser and for me it was going to Costco on Maui and getting some chocolate yogurt.

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