Las Vegas Las Vegas Pictures

Some Pictures from Las Vegas and Boulder Dam

Marguerite had the opportunity to do some speaking in Las Vegas so we decided to make that a mini-vacation for us. We had a good time but it was hotter than we remembered Vegas could get.

Bellagio Fountain

Here we are at the new Bellagio Hotel. They played some beautiful music with a fountain show and from a half mile from the hotel you think you died and went to heaven. Very impressive exhibit.

Bellagio Fountain from a Distance

Same fountain from a distance with Caesar's Palace in the background. Look carefully and you can see Margueritie peeking out of the pillars with her water bottle. It was over 104 degrees when we took this picture.

Marguerite at the Paris Arch

Marguerite is under the arch at the new Paris hotel. We went up their Eiffel Tower which is 1/2 as large as the real tower. We expect to be doing the real tower in the real Paris this November on the way back from Saudi Arabia.

Dessert Passage

This is the Dessert Passage shopping mall which is behind the new Aladdin Hotel. Very very big mall.

Venetian Hotel Lobby

This is Margueritie in the lobby at the Venetian Hotel. Very Rococo. I love Rococo.

Venetian Live Statue

This is Margueritie having her hat stolen by the live statue. Many live statues and real Gondolas in the shopping mall section of the hotel.

Marguerite in Front of Boulder Dam

We took the tour to the bottom of the dam (my 6th time).

Marguerite in Front of Dam Generator

On the tour there are a lot of "dam" or is it "damn" jokes.

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