Pacific NW Vacation Pictures from our Trip to the Pacific Northwest

Pictures from our Trip to the Pacific Northwest

We went to the Pacific Northwest for many reasons. A major reason was to visit George's mother and sister in Boise, Idaho.

Map of Trip

Our trip consisted of stops in the cities indicated. We visited the capitols of 5 states and one province. Most of you probably have never met someone who has been to the capitol of Montana ..... now you have.

Marguerite in Front of Victoria's Empress Hotel

This was Marguerite's favorite stop. Nice English style town with shopping for the Margueritie.

Marguerite in Victoria's Buchart Gardens

These are world famous gardens made in an abandend rock quary.

Olympia National Park

This is a bazillion acre park behind our friends Ben and Sher Cappa's home near Port Angeles, WA

Yellowstone's Old Faithful

Old Faithful was just as advertised. Very nice tourist village in this area.

Yellowstone Mud Pool

This is Marguerite near one of the many attractions one sees while driving around Yellowstone. Reminded us of Rotorua, New Zealand.

Marguerite in Front of Tetons

Very impressive mountains. If over 21, send me email and I will tell you what tetons mean in English.

Marguerite at Utah Capitol

On the tour we visited the capitols of Oregon, Washington State, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, and Utah. Marguerite kept saying, "what does this have to do with shopping?" and "climb what?".

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