Paris Our Trip to Paris

Our Trip to Paris

After our most interesting trip to Saudi Arabia, as promised, we went to Paris for a vacation. Marguerite had been to Paris many times but this was a first for George. Paris was much more exciting than George imagined.

Notre-Dame Front View

A little chilly in Paris in November. But lines were not long. This is the front of Notre-Dame.

Notre-Dame Back View

Nice park in the back with roses still blooming.

Versailles Palace

Very large Palace but I was disappointed. Not enough glitz.

Versailles Chapel

The chapel was nice. It is a small church to us poor folks.

Versailles & Louis XIV Statue

You build something like this and your statue would be up front too.

A Little Lunch for Marguerite

Marguerite had a nice Crepe Suzette with Wine at this outside Versailles Cafe.

Famous Art Colony of Barbazon

Marguerite doing a little shopping shopping shopping in Barbazon.

Winged Victory in the Louvre

In order to keep peace, Marguerite when that away and I went this away. We met two hours later.

Ex-Italian Makes Good

Famous painting of Napoleon crowning himself Emperor.

Ferris Wheel at the Concord

I got Marguerite to ride this thing. This is the square where Louis XVI lost his head (and so did his wife).

Arc de Triomphe

We stayed about a block from the Arc. Very surreal turning the block and seeing this every day. Here you see Marguerite shot after another day of heavy touring.

Napoleon's Tomb

Very large building/church with Napoleon and some of his relatives entombed. A very large military museum also is part of this area.

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