Saudi Arabia Some Pictures from our Trip to Saudi Arabia

Some Pictures from our Trip to Saudi Arabia

Marguerite had an opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia and do some Infection Control teaching for the Saudi Military Hospital. Marguerite did not want to go because of the way women are treated in Saudi. However George did want to go because Saudi is a place one can visit only if invited. So he felt we go now or we never go. George had to bribe Marguerite by saying he would take her to Paris on the way home from Saudi.

Saudi Lady

Here is a blond Saudi Lady in her Abaya and Hijab. We got a loaner Saudi Lady outfit from the Hotel. A lady should wear this when out in public.

Old City - Pre-Riyadh

Marguerite is sitting in the old town of Ad Dir'iyah Al Jadidah. This is old Riyadh and goes back many hundreds of years. Since Saudi Arabia does not have many tourists this site has remained pure since it was last abandoned about 50 years ago.

Marguerite and Barbara

Marguerite and her friend Barbara Soule exploring the old city. Barbara was the person responsible for coordinating the Certification Preparation Course for the Infection Control Certification exam in Riyadh. Marguerite was one of the instructors.

Ladies Touring

Barbara and Marguerite touring the old city with their guide.

Marguerite and George

Marguerite and George exploring the old city.

Old Riyadh Fort and Town Square

This is the square next to the old fort of Riyadh. This fort was captured by King Abdul Aziz when Saudi Arabia was being formed from the Turkish Empire. This square is where beheadings currently take place.

Marguerite and Barbara with Susan and Riyadh A. Al-Sbaiheen

Our Conference Coordinators were Susan (an American from Florida) and Riyadh (which is his name because he was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Life in Riyadh

When I saw this sign I knew I would not starve in Riyadh. Marguerite had Camel Meat, I had Big Macs.

McDonalds in Mall

In the major mall in Riyadh the food court had this McDonalds. The left side of the counter was for families to order and the right side was for men to order. The sexes are kept separate as much as possible in public. I was in the mall about noon time and 95% of the people in the mall were male. Shops close from noon to about 4 PM for prayer. Apparently the ladies go shopping in the evening with thier husbands or other ladies.

Marguerite, Barbara, and Mary Receiving Teachers Gift

The teachers were given a very nice gift by the people of the "Kindom of Saudi Arabia, National Guard - Health Affairs, King Fahad Hospital".

Class Photo

This was the class photo. Not all the ladies (nurses) wanted to be in the photo. Most of the students were to take the CIC (Certification in Infection Control) exam following the photo session. Can you find Marguerite in this picture?

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