Marguerite and George

This is us folks. Photo at left is us in our 2000 glory period, George was 40 pounds over weight at the time. Photo at right is us in 2014 with George 180 pounds over weight. MJ gained a few pounds too.

Marguerite's New (March 2019) Prius Prime

This is Margueritie's new 2019 Prius Prime Plug-In Hybrid on right. On the left is her 2012 Prius Hatchback. We have fallen in love with the Prius. Mileage so good and car if very solid. Marguerite gave George's retirement Cadillac to Gar in Texas, so we bought this as a replacement.

Our Deceased Dogs

Dreyfus, our Chocolate Lab, was inherited from one of Gar's friends. He was put to sleep after 8 years with George and Marguerite in June 2014. He was 3.5 years old when we got him. A very sad day.
Apollo, our Goldern Retriver, had to be put to sleep in November 2011 after 13.5 years living with George and Marguerite. A very sad day.
Zeus, our Husky/German Sheppard, had to be put to sleep in July 2005 after 13.5 years living with George, Kathy, and Marguerite. A very sad day.

Our Home

This is a happy home because Marguerite has all the closets except for 1/2 of one closet she most graciously gave George. She also has 3 display cases for her "nick-a-nacks/crystal", a computer room with 2 computers and 3 printers, a sewing room with 360 degrees of cabinets, 7 file cabinets in the garage, a store room in the garage, and an attic in the garage with a power lift to get the heavy junk up into storage. And she has two Prius automobiles.

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