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Marguerite Jackson Award for

Professional Nursing Excellence

Definition and Criteria

The Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence will be given each year during the Patrons of Nursing Awards presentation ceremony that is usually held during National Nurses Week.

One award of at least $500 (unrestricted) will be given each year to a nurse who exemplifies professionalism as evidenced by the following requirements:

  • Education: Masters degree strongly preferred; bachelor's degree required, with preference given to persons pursuing master's degrees.
  • Certification: Certification in a professional specialty is strongly preferred.
  • Professional Activities: During the previous year, the recipient must meet at least one of these criteria. Preference will be given to applicants meeting more than one criterion.
    • Publication of at least one article or chapter in a peer-reviewed professional journal or book (copy required with application).
    • Invited presentation at a regional, state or national professional conference or meeting (copy of meeting/conference program required with application).
    • Acceptance of an abstract for presentation at a regional, state or national professional meeting (copy required with application).
    • Elected as an officer or member of the Board of Directors for local, state, or national professional association.
  • Preference: Given to Clinical Nurse Specialists and Educators.
Potential recipients may be self-nominated or nominated by colleagues using the standard Patrons of Nursing Awards application form. Up to three potential recipients of this award will be identified by the Patrons of Nursing Chair and Nursing Executive Committee. Final selection of the recipient will be made by Marguerite Jackson until relinquished, at which time the final decision will be made by the PON Chair and Nursing Executive Committee.

2020 Award Winner

Genesis R. Bojorquez, PhD, RN, NE-BC, PCCN is the seventeenth Awardee of the Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. Genesis was nominated by Judy Davidson.

Genesis earned her PhD in nursing at the University of San Diego. Her dissertation research focused on her interest in serving the health needs of vulnerable populations as well as health policy. She advises through her project that farmworkers have a high incidence of occupational injury, illness, and mortality that is often unrecognized. Her dissertation research has been presented as a poster and was recognized by Sigma Theta Tau for the 2019 Rising Research Star award at their International Research Congress in Calgary, Canada.

Genesis holds a position of Advanced Practice Specialist in the Medicine service line at UC San Diego in acute care. This position is similar to that of an educator, supporting the department with implementation of new practices while maintaining practice standards as a clinical nurse specialist might do. In this position she also supports quality improvement and monitoring.

Judy Davidson's comments note that Genesis has a "gentle spirit" and consistent outstanding professional comportment. She teaches others regarding project development and guides with calming strength. She portrays perfect balance of character to motivate others to excel without becoming overwhelmed at learning new skills.

Genesis has published several peer-reviewed professional articles as well as participated in professional conferences. Her scholarly endeavors are consistent with those valued by Marguerite Jackson and we anticipate that her career will continue to grow and prosper.

2019 Award Winner

JoAnn Daugherty, BSN, MSN, PhD, CNL is the sixteenth recipient of the Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. She was nominated by Esther Lee.

Marguerite hired JoAnn to be a member of the Nursing Education, Development and Research Department in 2002. After a few years in this position, JoAnn moved on to become a faculty member at California State University, San Marcos but continued a UCSD affiliation. In 2018 she returned to UCSD Health Systems as PeriAnasthesia Educator.

In addition to education duties required of the PeriAnesthesia Educator, JoAnn has co-authored three peer-reviewed published articles with another under review. She is also a member of the writing team for several articles, four of which were accepted for poster presentations at the 2019 American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nursing (ASPAN) National Conference. An article entitled "Globalization of Health Service: Sharing of Best Practices in Perianesthesia Nursing Care, A Case Study of Cross-Border Institutional Collaboration", is among those selected for the 2019 Mary Hanna Memorial Journalism Award by ASPAN.

Jo Ann also mentors CNIII candidates and student nurses from CSUSM in their leadership clinicals at UCSD and in the development of PI projects. In addition, she has used research and EBP skills to contribute to a PI project on reducing late starts for first cases in the Operating Room. This work also informs her proposal to redesign the Preoperative Care Center staffing plan and workflow.

JoAnn clearly exemplifies the attributes valued by Marguerite in giving this Award and she is delighted that JoAnn has returned to UCSD Health.

2018 Award Winner

Mary Hellar, MSN, RN, CCRN is the fifteenth recipient of the Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. She was nominated by Judy Davidson.

Mary has been at UCSD Health for over a decade and has held several increasingly responsible positions. She began her UCSD career in the Thornton ICU as a clinical nurse and then became Assistant Nurse Manager and Nurse Manager. In July of 2016 she became Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Jacobs Medical Center/Thornton ICU. As the CNS, she applies teaching principles and strategies using current evidence based materials and technologies to Cardiovascular Center nurses. In addition, she teaches and facilitates many different classes and mentors staff in professional development projects.

Mary has published several research studies and made many professional presentations. She produced a TED talk from her care of a very complex patient and interacting with his wife through Nurse Led Rounds. The couple feel strongly that these Rounds contributed to saving the life of the husband. As Judy Davidson said in her nomination letter for Mary, "By attending rounds [the wife] began to feel a part of the team.... She went to the internet and found an idea that saved her husband's life.... She felt empowered to share it with the team because of Mary's way of making her feel included and welcome in rounds..." Mary also started a project several years ago that has become a role model for other departments. The project is called CSI: Case Study Investigation and involves using reflective practice principles to review a problematic or emotional case in an inter-professional format. The nurses lead the discussion; physicians on the case attend. Later, she was able to demonstrate improved nursing satisfactions scores and perceptions of teamwork and safety culture. It is only through Mary's leadership and leadership style that this could happen.

Mary also serves as a mentor for CN III applicants from her areas of practice and strongly encourages nurses to advance in their careers. With her background in both business/management and critical care nursing, she provides both depth and breadth to her mentorship work. Mary demonstrates clearly the principles of nursing excellence that Marguerite values and is an outstanding recipient for this Award.

2017 Award Winner

Heather Warlan, PhD, RN, CCRN-K is the forteenth recipient of the Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. Heather was nominated by Judith Pfeiffer.

Obtaining her undergraduate degree in psychology led to an early career in research for which she eventually needed a graduate degree. As luck would have it, a friend suggested she look into nursing and helped her explore the many research options available to advanced practice nurses. This appealed to Heather and she became a nurse through the Master's Entry into Practice of Nursing (MEPN) second degree program at the University of San Diego. She immediately followed with the PhD program and completed it in 2014. During her graduate work she completed several research studies and publications have resulted.

After completing the PhD, Heather came to UCSD Health as the Assistant Director of Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance for UCSD Regulatory Affairs and Chair of the Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice Council.

Her research background and understanding has helped the Nursing Research and EBP Council identify opportunities to grow and support nurses within the organization. She is committed to staff education on quality improvement, EBP, and research projects, has mentored many nurses on similar projects, and has published several research studies and made podium and poster presentations.

In Judith's nomination letter she states: "Heather is a wonderful colleague, leader, and role model for UCSD. Her work on Post-ICU PTSD exemplifies her commitment to caring relationships between nurses and patients as reflected within our professional practice model, while also exemplifying involvement in Research. In addition, the evidence of her own professional development, and that of the UCSD Nursing Staff, also reflects her commitment to teaching and professional development."

Heather clearly exemplifies the values Marguerite holds for Professional Nursing Excellence and she is very pleased to give her this Award.

2016 Award Winner

Esther T. Lee, MNP, MBA, RN is the thirteenth recipient of the Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. She was nominated by Judith Pfeiffer and her nomination was supported by several letters from physicians and others who provided numerous examples of Esther's exemplary leadership.

Esther grew up in Hong Kong and completed her basic nursing education in Sydney, NSW, Australia. She earned an MBA at the Edinburgh Business School in Scotland. After joining the staff at UCSD Medical Center in 2001, she completed the Healthcare Executive Leadership Program at UCSD. In 2013 she completed her Master of Nursing Practice (MNP) degree at Deakin University in Melbourne-Burwood, VIC, Australia. Esther is currently Assistant Director, Perianesthesia Nursing, Preoperative Care Center (PCC)/ Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)/ Procedural Treatment Unit (PTU)/ Preoperative Admissions (POA) at Hillcrest, Thornton, and the Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center, She will also assume responsibility for these functions at the Jacobs Medical Center when it opens in October 2016.

Esther is an outstanding team leader and mentor who is a key champion of the Magnet journey. She leads a staff of well over 100 nurses who rarely leave UCSD as evidenced by a staff turnover rate of only 2%. Patients' satisfaction ratings in her areas consistently average over 95%. As a member of the Surgery, Anesthesia, Musculoskeletal, Neuroimaging Service (SAMNIS) Research and Publication Group at UCSD Health, she is key to developing publications, podium and poster presentations. Personally, she has authored or co-authored several publications including two articles that have made "the top 5 most read" in the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing. For several years, Esther has designed, planned, and organized education that focuses on best practices in perioperative nursing care for visiting healthcare professionals and exchange scholars to UCSD from the Asia Pacific region.

Even with all of these accomplishments, Esther continues to be one of the kindest, most compassionate, and humble leaders in the UCSD health care system. She is loved and admired by all who know her and serves as an excellent role model for nurses and others who are striving to attain professional nursing excellence.

2015 Award Winner

Ellen R. Carr, MSN, RN, AOCN is the twelfth recipient of the Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. She was nominated by Marlon Saria, the Award recipient in 2006. The award was presented this year by Judith Pfeiffer, Director Nursing Education, Development & Research and Psychiatric Services as Marguerite was out of town.

In his nomination letter, Marlon states "Ellen Carr distinguishes herself by doing what many of her peers consider "ordinary duties" extraordinarily well; the caliber of the work eclipsed only by her humility." The admiration and respect Ellen has earned from her peers near and far includes not only colleagues at UCSD but leaders in the San Diego ONS chapter as well as those in national organizations.

Ellen received her MSN from the graduate program affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in 1988 and has earned Advanced Certification in Oncology Nursing. Since 2002 Ellen has been the Nurse Case Manager, Medical and Surgical Oncology, Moores UCSD Cancer Center. In 2012 she was selected Associate Editor for the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and made multiple professional presentations.

While she has been at UCSD, Ellen has directly contributed to the promotion of oncology certification at the local, regional, and national levels through presentations and publications on topics outlined for the certification exams. She is one of the contributors to the 5th edition of the Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing. As an advocate for lifelong learning in oncology, Ellen has developed and continued to update a 40-hour comprehensive continuing education course in cancer nursing, now in its 3rd revision. She has also developed other courses and has created a number of video presentations on a variety of topics. Ellen is also actively involved in policy and politics in healthcare, evidenced by her presentations during ONS Annual Congresses.

Without question Ellen exemplifies the qualities reflected in the criteria for the Jackson Award and serves as an outstanding role model for both oncology nurses and other nurses aspiring to attain professional nursing excellence.

2014 Award Winner

Judy Davidson, DNP, RN, FCCM, CNS is the eleventh recipient of the Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. She was nominated by Judith Pfeiffer.

Judy received her DNP from Case Western Reserve University in 2007 and is also a Fellow of the Society for Critical Care Medicine (FCCM). She joined the Department of Education, Development and Research in July of 2013 to be the Evidence-Based Practice and Research Nurse Liaison. Judy was previously a Clinical Nurse Specialist at UCSD Hillcrest from 1990-1996 and was instrumental in opening the new Thornton Hospital during that time.

Since her return to the UCSD Health System, Judy has already accomplished many things including designing a multi-disciplinary collaborative study to examine the distress associated with being blamed for a negative patient outcome. The Blame-Related Distress Survey was developed during this study. The results are being presented at a variety of conferences and will be submitted to a professional journal for publication. Judy works with nurses and others to develop work tools and processes to support translation of new knowledge into practice. She provides a consult service to those who have completed projects and are preparing manuscripts for publication or presentations. She also serves as a resource for nurses and others to guide the development of ideas into projects and/or research studies, including determining whether or not IRB approval is required.

On a national level, Judy is the chairperson of the Society of Critical Care Medicine task force to analyze the research related to Patient/Family Centered care in the ICU and develop practice guidelines. She authored the original 2007 SCCM guidelines for family centered care that is the most widely cited document on this topic according to the Web of Science. She has now developed an international team of experts, supplemented with first person patient/family representation on the task force to update this document.

In addition to her work at UCSD Health Care, at a national level and at an international level, she also published over a dozen articles and book chapters in 2013 and made a number of podium presentations. Without question, Judy Davidson is an outstanding representative of the criteria for the Jackson Award and an exemplary role model for professional nursing excellence.

2013 Award Winners

Aran Tavakoli, RN, MSN, AOCNS is the 2013 recipient of the Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. She was nominated by Patty Graham -- 2005 Award recipient, Linda Lobbestael -- 2012 Award recipient, Ayelet Ruppin-Pham, Kim Delahanty of the Epidemiology Unit, and Michelle Duong.

Aran graduated from Loma Linda University and earned her MSN from UCLA. She has been the CNS for Oncology for the UCSD Health System for the past 3 years. She is very involved in many professional activities that exemplify her commitment to life-long learning, professional development, and professional practice excellence. Aran is active in her professional association, the Oncology Nursing Society, and has been elected to a national coordinator position.

Near and dear to Marguerite's heart, she has been instrumental in several infection prevention and control projects that have been implemented successfully throughout the Health System and presented at national conferences. All of Aran's nominators gave her high marks for her outgoing nature, exemplary organizational skills, and positive attitude in strongly supporting the Magnet Model. As Patty Graham wrote, "Aran also has had significant impact on the patient experience...Looking at the evidence that supported patients having well washed fruits and vegetables, Aran worked with Dietary Services to change the neutropenic diet accordingly. Our neutropenic patients today are enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to Aran's efforts..."

In 2013 the Marguerite Jackson Scholarship for Doctoral Education ($500) was given to Jillian Jewett, RN, BSN. Jillian is a clinical nurse in the Burn Unit and pursuing a doctoral degree in nursing through the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, program to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. She should complete her doctorate within the next year. Jillian was taking care of patients during the Awards ceremony and wasn't able to participate.

2012 Award Winners

Linda Lobbestael, MSN, RN, CNE is the 2012 recipient of the Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. She was nominated by Beverly Morris, 2007 recipient of the Award, and by Ayelet Ruppin.

Her application sings her praises as an exemplary nurse, and a shining star of the Department of Nursing Education, Development and Research. In all of the projects she has worked on, she has demonstrated a passion for innovation in taching, and improving nursing excellence. She sets a high standard for herself and others, and is tireless in mentoring nurses to ensure they can reach the goals of professionalism and excellence in nursing practice. Her contributions to the Nursing EDR department and to the health sytem as a whole are tremendous.

Linda has taken the New Grad Residency Program that was good when she acquired the project, to a higher level that is recognized as "great" by steadily improving it over the past 2.5 years. The program was specifically acknowledged by ANCC Magnet surveyors, receiving special recognition as an exemplar of nursing practice when the Magnet designation was announced. Additional measurable results associated with NRP are nurse satisfaction and nurse retention that have steadily improved.

Linda is also an outstanding artist and uses her artistic skills to create graphics for many flyers and publications. Although she is young in her career as an educator, she has great potential to become an active participant in one or more professional associations and to use her leadership skills in a broader context than just within the UCSD Health System.

In 2012 the Marguerite Jackson Scholarship for Doctoral Education ($500) was given to Kevin Maxwell, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, DNP(C). Kevin is currently a Nursing Supervisor and also enrolled full-time in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at the University of San Diego. He expects to complete his degree in May 2013.

2011 Award Winners

Cassia Chevillon, BSN, RN, CCRN is the 2011 recipient of the Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. She was nominated by Laura Dibsie, the 2008 recipient.

Cassia is currently a graduate student in the MSN educator program at Point Loma University, and anticipates completing her degree in another year. She is the Clinical Nurse Educator for the Thornton ICU and has been a key leader in developing materials and nursing education for the new Cardiovascular Center (SCVC), as well as planning numerous hours of education for the TICU staff. Along with her peers at Thornton, she has autonomously planned this education by simply recognizing the education need and coordinating the classes. Her impact has been swift and exemplary in the short time she has been with UCSD.

Cassia exemplifies Magnet forces in her positive attitude and willingness to do what it takes to meet the needs of staff and patients. She has reached out, from the start, to her peers for input and guidance. She has nurtured many relationships with physicians, management, and other providers. It is clear that the staff appreciate her efforts to support their practice and education needs, and have responded well to her innovative ideas by developing specialty skill days and unit-based competency evaluation processes. Cassia has been the driving force behind many hours of training on new ventricular assist devices, as well as writing the policies to support the care of those patients.

As a volunteer with organizations providing humanitarian aid, Cassia represents UCSD Nursing to the international community. In early May she traveled to Thailand to work with Habitat for Humanity in building houses. She is also engaged in professional development by completing training for higher levels of Healing Touch.

In 2011, Marguerite Jackson established a $500 scholarship to be awarded periodically. This scholarship is to support doctoral-level education. The 2011 recipient is Marlon Saria, CNS/Advanced Practice Nurse Researcher and Program Coordinator at Moores Cancer Center. Marlon is currently completing his PhD in nursing at the University of California Los Angeles. He Received the Jackson Award in 2006.

2010 Award Winner

Frann Teplick, RN, MSN, CNS is the recipient of the seventh annual Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. Frann was nominated by Laura Dibsie, recipient of the Award in 2008. Frann has been at UCSD Medical Center for over a decade as the Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Family Maternity Care Center. She is especially well known for supporting the inter-disciplinary teams caring for complicated perinatal patients. Mentorship is one of Frann's greatest character traits. She has supported many staff as a Frontline Leadership Coach and Mentor, has been a mentor in the Center for Nursing Excellence Evidence Based Practice Institute, is a preceptor for many graduate students, and often volunteers to take on these roles for staff who are not directly related to her clinical area. A life-long learner, Frann brings the passion for learning to all of the education she provides for her staff.

Each year Frann works tirelessly to organize the Perinatal Symposium attended and recognized for offering quality continuing education of interest to many disciplines. She has also had many poster presentations accepted, typically working with several staff at at time, to provide them with the support needed to experience the process of submitting abstracts and participating in professional conferences. For the last two years, Frann has also been the backbone of monthly nursing grand rounds presentations, overseeing the calendar, inviting presenters, and ensuring that the paperwork is completed.

2009 Award Winner

Caroline Brown, DEd, CNS, WHNP is the recipient of the sixth annual Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. Caroline joined the EDR staff as Director of Nursing Education, Development and Research shortly after Marguerite retired from that position. During the two and a half years she held the position, she introduced and nurtured several innovative programs that benefited from her tremendous creative talents as an outstanding educator, clinician, and professional photographer. In September of 2006 she joined the faculty at the San Diego State University School of Nursing, but retained her connection with UCSD in the position of Evidence Based Practice & Research Liaison. Over the years, Caroline has published numerous papers, and serves in leadership capacities in several national organizations.

Caroline was nominated by Laura Dibsie, recipient of the Jackson Award in 2008. Laura wrote “...Caroline Brown is a tremendous asset to UCSD Advanced Practice Nursing. As UCSD’s Evidence Based Coordinator, she exemplifies the high level practitioner associated with advanced practice. She is able to identify learning opportunities and opportunities to advance UCSD nursing practice and knowledge in every activity. She is a very “pro” nursing leader and is thrilled to find ways to mentor all nurses to grow and advance their careers. She routinely mentors staff and nurse leaders to make their ideas for projects a reality or answer their clinical questions....”

2008 Award Winner

Laura Dibsie RN, MSN, CCRN, CNS, is the recipient of the 2008 Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. This is the fifth annual Jackson Award. Laura was nominated by Patty Graham, Marlon Saria, and Beverly Morris – all previous Jackson Award recipients – who provided many comments about her steady and dependable leadership that are summarized below.

Laura joined UCSD’s Department of Nursing Education, Development, and Research over seven years ago as a Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) at the Hillcrest campus. Laura exemplifies the UCSD Power of Excellence and is the embodiment of what an advanced practice nurse should be. She is also co-chair of the UCSD Research Council and as an evidence-based practice champion, has helped to transform the professional climate for UCSD nurses. In her role with the Research Council she facilitates interdisciplinary relationships with other councils and mentors nurses in learning about research and the use of evidence-based practices in their daily work.

The UCSD magnet journey has been further advanced with Laura’s work with skin care and she continues to mentor, encourage, and promote excellence in skin care through weekly rounds, co-chairing a house-wide skin committee and maintaining an optimistic, enthusiastic attitude toward this key component of excellence in nursing. In the April/June 2008 issue of the Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, she was primary author on an article relating to implementing evidence-based practice to prevent skin breakdown.

For much of Laura’s time at UCSD, she has worked less than full-time to accommodate the needs of her family. Even with these reduced hours, her productivity is always exemplary and she willingly is available for consults, even when she is not working. Laura and her husband are also very involved in the community at church, elementary school, and scout activities for their three young daughters.

2007 Award Winner

Beverly Morris, RN, CNP, MBA, is the recipient of the 2007 Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. This is the fourth annual Jackson Award. Bev was nominated by Scotti Grant and Amy Yates.

Bev joined UCSD’s Department of Nursing Education, Development, and Research in November 2005 as a Nurse Educator for the Acute Care areas at the Hillcrest campus. She is also certified as an Adult Health Nurse Practitioner and is a specialist in Ortho/Neuro/Trauma care. Bev exemplifies the attributes Marguerite values as evidenced by serving in 2007 as President of the San Diego Chapter of the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses, and by being a frequent contributor of presentations and author of peer-reviewed articles. Bev’s interest in evidence-based practice is recognized widely, and in 2007 she was invited to make presentations at both the meeting of the Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses in February as well as at the NAON annual Congress later in the year.

Community service is very important to Bev and is demonstrated by her outreach and mentoring for youth in her church to help them learn about options for careers and education in healthcare fields. At UCSD Medical Center, Bev serves as a resource for research, writing for publication, and evidence-based practice for her colleagues and nursing staff. She serves as Chair for the Medical Center’s Policy and Procedure committee, and has been instrumental in the creation of several clinical pathways. Bev’s colleagues consider her a role model for the Core Values and Power of Excellence initiative, and a key leader in the “Journey to Magnet Status” for the Medical Center.

2006 Award Winner

Marlon Saria, RN, MSN, AOCNS, is the recipient of the 2006 Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. This is the third annual Jackson Award. Marlon was nominated by Caroline Brown.

Marlon Saria came to UCSD Medical Center in July of 1999 as a Medical-Surgical nursing intern, having recently graduated from the University of the Philippines in Manila. Marguerite met Marlon during that time and he soon became a shining star, partially through guidance by his CNS mentors, Regina Izu and Becky Duncan. Within a couple of years, he was back in school – this time at the University of California Los Angeles. In the Spring of 2004 he completed his MSN while becoming an expert in oncology nursing. Shortly thereafter he became the Oncology/Blood & Marrow Transplant Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Marlon’s star has continued to rise as he has matured in the role of Oncology CNS. Through his activities with the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS), the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS), and the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego (PNASD), Marlon exemplifies the types of professional activities Marguerite values and rewards with this Award. During his relatively short career to date, Marlon has made numerous presentations and received many awards. In the letter about him written by his sponsor, Dr. Caroline Brown, she states “Marlon demonstrates excellence in clinical practice. He is viewed as a clinical expert by his colleagues in nursing and medicine and the staff with whom he interacts...Marlon is involved with the development, implementation and evaluation of both formal and informal educational offerings for nursing and medical staff.....and demonstrates leadership in the way he operationalizes his role as a Clinical Nurse Specialist...”

2005 Award Winner

Patricia Graham, RN, MS, CCRN, is the recipient of the 2005 Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. This is the second annual Jackson Award. Patty was nominated by Jeanne Maiden and Caroline Brown.

Patty exemplifies the characteristics Marguerite values that include being very active in professional associations and contributing to the development of new nurses through teaching and serving as a role model. As a Clinical Nurse Specialist at UCSD since 1992, she seeks to improve the quality of nursing care provided within the Medical Center in very practical and systematic ways so that nursing staff can deliver cutting edge nursing care based on scientific evidence and compassion. Patty's numerous activities within the local chapter and national Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) have helped to shape her practice and the practice of thousands of new and experienced nurses, both within UCSD and throughout the United States. Patty has also been involved in several research studies including serving as co-investigator for an innovative project to study music therapy to decrease anxiety in mechanically ventilated patients. She is well-respected in the community and serves as adjunct faculty for the school of nursing at San Diego State University. Her case reviews and mentoring of critical care staff are widely-recognized as among the best teaching models available, and her enthusiasm for teaching new nurses has continued at a high level throughout her career. She is also a leader in the development and presentation of the annual UCSD Summer Session Conference.

In summary, Patty adheres to the UCSD Core Values both professionally and personally, and is consistently creative and caring in her practice.

2004 Award Winner

Jeanne Maiden, RN, MSN, CCRN, is the recipient of the 2004 Marguerite Jackson Award for Professional Nursing Excellence. This is the first annual Jackson Award. Jeanne was nominated by Vivien Joebchen.

Jeanne has been a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Thornton Hospital for over four years, and is the consummate professional, contributing to advancing nursing within UCSD as well as by her outside professional activities. She meets several Jackson Award Criteria through being invited to co-author a chapter in Thelan, et al, Critical Care Nursing, and as an invited speaker at the UCSD sponsored regional Critical Care Update. She has also organized an outstanding conference on Ethics and End-of-Life Care to be presented in September of 2004 that is co-sponsored by UCSD Healthcare and San Diego Hospice& Palliative Care. In addition, she is active in the local and national American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) and serves as an item-writer for the national Certification Exam for Critical Care Nurses. She is also a member of the Adjunct Clinical Faculty for the San Diego State University School of Nursing, and plans to begin graduate school in the near future to earn her PhD in Nursing.

To Marguerite, professionalism in nursing is about what a nurse does "outside the four walls" of her place of employment. Jeanne exemplifies the characteristics Marguerite values and is an outstanding recipient of the first annual Jackson Award.

The 2021 award winner will be announced in May of 2021.

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