Marga's 90th Birthday

Marga's 90th Birthday

Marguerites mother, Jessica Stafford Neville, who died on January 31, 2008, was born with a twin sister on October 31, 1920. Marguerite Nunnally Neville, who was named for her mother, was Jessica's younger sister by a few minutes. Marguerite Neville McMillan Jackson Dill was named after her aunt and grandmother. So there were a lot of Marguerites in the family and Marguerite's aunt became Marga and Marguerite Dill became Wheety. The Neville family is quite large with 5 children (two boys, the twins, and a younger sister), 12 grandchildren, 24 great grandchildren, and at least 14 great-great grandchildren as of now. About 25 of them were at the party that was held in a charming old home in downtown Statesboro, Georgia, where many of them were born.


Marga has always liked fancy clothes and exotic hats so they made her one for her birthday party.

The Family

The following pictures show Marga and her daughter Peggy; next standing Brother Big Joe, Cousin Edna, Sister Sara and sitting Marga, Cousin Ardelia, Cousin Eunice; and next picture shows the "next generation" cousins ....... sitting front row: Jeffrey, Marga, Lovett Jr; back row: Barbara, Peggy, Betsy, Carolyn, Wheety


After the party, Marguerite and Betsy went to Atlanta to see more family. On the left is Betsy as the "Fairy Grandmother" for Halloween with Emmerson (age 2 in a Georgia Tech yellow jacket costume made by Betsy); Wheety and Betsy having a glass of wine; and Mary Elizabeth (big Joe's granddaughter) with Emmerson and a quilt made by Wheety.

The Cabin

From Atlanta, Betsy and Wheety went to Betsy's cabin in Wolf Laurel, North Carolina, outside of Asheville. Betsy and her husband are adding onto the cabin and it will be quite wonderful when it is finished (they have four sons and associated families). The little 1800 square foot antique log cabin on the right side will enlarge by another 2800 square feet with the addition of a great room, loft, and master suite. Although the plan had been to have the cabin finished by Thanksgiving, plans have been delayed many times and it is not likely to be finished until next year.

At The Cabin

One of the main reasons for the visit to North Carolina was for Marguerite and Betsy to finish making covers for about 25 cushions to be used on wicker furniture in North Carolina and at Betsy's Florida house. On the left are the ladies sewing, sewing, sewing! In the middle is the snow covered cabin at 4400 feet elevation showing that winter has indeed come to the mountains! On the right is one of three storage bins with the covered cushions and other furniture, etc., awaiting completion of the cabin! Marguerite and Betsy did some "antiquing" aka "junk'in" while in the area to add to the storage bin contents.

It was a lovely visit, all the cushions were completed (about 20 hours of sewing for both Betsy and Wheety) and Wheety looks forward to a visit in the Spring when everything is finished!

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