MJ 75th Birthday Marguerite's 75th Birthday Party, 2018

Marguerite's 75th Birthday Party

Septmber 1, 2018

On Marguerite's actual 75th birthday, September 1, George gave her an elegant birthday luncheon at Vintana Wine & Dine in their private dining room.

In attendance were 23 friends who all share in common attending one or more of our "legendary Holiday Open House" parties during the past 20 plus years, and many of whom we have known for well over 40 years!

UCSD-related Friends of Marguerite's: Carol Archibald, Janet Wilson, Shem Clow, Janet Whitfield

Engineer friends of George's: Craig Tyndall and wife Polly, Eric Sprunk and wife Patty

Neighbors and dear friends: Irv and Barbara Erdos, Ron Martin and fiance Callie, "Dr Nick" Yphantides

Marguerite's "girls" for whom she is Aunt Marguerite: Debi, Veronique, and Zoe Yphantides

Globe Guilder friends: Pam Maudsley-Merrill and Joydelee Marrow

Parents of our "grand dog Tonga": Meg (Craig Tyndall's daughter) and Brian O'Hearn

Mother of Gar's best friend since seventh grade and travel buddy of Marguerite's: Renee Walter

Very good friends who help us with many things, including our Open Houses and dinner parties: Sachiko Kleinfeldt and Misty Dawn Newton

The beautiful flowers were provided by Simply Adina in downtown Escondido. The magnificent cake was made and decorated by Irv and Barbara Erdos, both of whom gave outstanding, humorous, and moving tributes about their association with George and "Marguerite across the street" for many years. Carol also gave a lovely toast about the almost 40 years she and Marguerite have been through "life" together.

Below are random photos of the party and a few movies. Most of the photos were taken by Misty Dawn Newton.

Marguerite Welcome Movie

Barbara Irdos Movie

Happy Birthday Cake Movie

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