MJ 50th Reunion

Marguerite's 50th Reunion and Trip Back East - June 2011

Marguerite (MJ) is a board member of the National Foundation for Infection Diseases (NFID). As such she gets to go back east once a year for board meetings in Bethesda, Maryland. This year the board meeting coincided with her 50th high school reunion in Gainesville, Florida. So she decided to visit her sister's mountain home in Asheville, NC, then go to the reunion in Gainesville, FL, and then go to the Board Meeting in Bethesda, MD. This, in-between her breast cancer operation and when she starts radiation.

The Addition

This is a photo of the addition to Betsy's cabin in the Wolf Laurel Estates. These estates, Wolf Laurel Community, are in the mountains near Asheville, NC and contain a golf course, ski slope, and club house restaurant. Betsy and Brent have a home in Winter Park, FL (near Orlando), and for many years have had a cabin up at Wolf Laurel where it is much cooler than Florida. But with four sons, associated spouses, and thus associated grandchildren, more space was needed at the cabin. The addition, about twice the size of the old cabin which will be retained as a guest house, has been a home in progress for 18 months with some work left to do.

The Balcony

The new "addition" is going to become the main home with two balconies overlooking Wolf Laurel, high ceilings and open floor plan to support the large family.

Snapshots of Home and Junk'in

Marguerite's mother and thus the daughters love to go antiquing, aka junk'in. Here you see MJ at Replacements Limited , in Greensboro, NC. Three football fields of junk made MJ a little light headed. MJ and Betsy took a day off to go junk'in (antique shops in addition to the Replacements facility). MJ has spent a fortune on the internet with Replacements.com. You also see snap shots of the interior of the new addition.

Class Reunion

PK Young is the Developmental Research School of the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. From her yearbook you can see MJ was involved in many school functions. From the yearbooks, one can see the demographics have changed over time (OK the author of this website is a Damn Yankee and notices stuff like this). Wheety McMillan was MJ's name at the time of her attendance.

Snapshots of Gainesville Reunion

Following the gathering at the school there was a reception at Lt. General LeMoyne's retirement home in Gainesville (he is the tall gentleman in the blue and white striped shirt). Below are snap shots of MJ and her cousin Peggy and Aunt Marga in a pre-reunion visit, and of the reunion, and of Wheety in 1961.

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