New York City and Hamptons - Christmas 2007 New York City and Hamptons - Christmas 2007

New York City and Hamptons - Christmas 2007

We spent our Christmas this year in New York. The purpose of the trip was threefold:

  • Show Marguerite all the pretty lights in New York City at Christmastime.
  • Introduce Marguerite and George to Chandi Neubauer’s parents (Chandi is Gar’s "significant other" at the time of this writing).
  • Spend time with Marguerite’s sister and family at the Cox Estate in Westhampton Beach.

All these objectives were met successfully with the exception of the New York City at Christmastime. George remembers the NYC in the Disco Era when people dressed to impress. So the ambiance of NYC’s 5th Avenue was different then. Now the folks are more casual which makes NYC less special in George’s opinion. But then again, folks who did the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue in 1890 would think NYC was not so great in the Disco Era.

We were at the Cox Compound before at Neville and Dune's Wedding. But then there were tents and party stuff so one could not see how big the Compound really is and all the grounds around the Compound. See Hampton Wedding for photos of the Wedding in 2002.

First Night In NYC

We arrived in NYC about 6 PM and were checked in and ready for touring by 7 PM. As you can see Tourist George did not change from his travel clothes and was suffering from Jet lag as he started touring NYC with Marguerite that evening. George never did wear long pants the entire trip and never a coat in the daytime (he got many strange remarks from New Yorkers as he walked around town). Temperature was between 45 and 35 degrees.

Marguerite at Rockefeller Plaza

Rockefeller Plaza was very crowded. Marguerite enjoyed the famous Christmas Tree and the “Skater People” skating in the Plaza skating rink.

Marguerite Looking at Skater People

In this photo Marguerite is watching the skater people. Crowds were very heavy and getting a good vantage point was difficult. But it was warm among all the humans.

Marguerite in Macys

This shows Marguerite in Macys. Macys has many holiday decorations and animated window presentations. The is a NYC tradition.

Marguerite in Times Square

Every time we go to NYC we end up in Times Square. Mostly because Marguerite wants to check out the Broadway Shows and plan her trip so that she maximizes her entertainment opportunities.

Marguerite at Radio City

The next day we slept late and here Marguerite is ready to get in line to enter Radio City Music Hall to see the Christmas Show and Rockettes. The show was very good with a movie in 3D showing Santa doing his thing and then a little play with the Rockettes integrated into the play. This is the first time Marguerite saw the Rockettes.

Marguerite at Grease

That night we went to the play Grease. This had the winners of the Grease try-outs, which were done on TV, and the show was very good. It was in a small theater so you felt like you were a part of the action. The play was somewhat different than the movie with Travolta. Actually enjoyed it more in some aspects.

Touring NYC

The next day we toured much of NYC, for the 4th time, going to many museums and walking through Central Park. In this photo you can see snow was still on the ground in Central Park. We covered a lot of ground that day and were ready for another musical that night. We saw Legally Blonde the Musical at the Palace Theater. It was most entertaining and the cast was full of energy (all were very young!)

Cox Compound

We then rented a car and drove out to Westhampton Beach on Long Island. Betsy, Marguerite’s sister, has four sons. Son number 3, Neville, married a woman who is a member of the Cox family and the Cox family compound was available for a little family gathering. Fun was had by all.

Sun Room

The main home in the Cox Compound (compound has 6 homes) has a great Sun Room. Amazing how it can be 35 degrees outside yet the sunroom is warm and toasty.

Chandi’s Parents

It just happened that Chandi’s parents also live in Westhampton Beach so we drove over for a Christmas Eve brunch. We had a wonderful time and had a tour of Mr. Neubauer’s family owned company where they make precision metal parts for the aircraft industry.

In the photo are Ralph Neubauer, Marguerite, Gar, Chandi’s nephew Griffin, Chandi, Karen Neubauer, and Chandi’s niece Miriam.

Christmas Dinner

There were 22 for Christmas Dinner. In this photo are Gar, Marguerite, and Chandi.

Post Christmas Dinner Photo

Here all the participants were trying to get on the stairs (to our bedroom and the upstairs den) for a group photo. We mostly fit.

McCaghren Family Photo

A departure photo was taken by George of the McCaghren clan. From left to right -- Liz McCaghren and her husband, Grant (son #4), Polly Calhoun & Kirk (son #1) who were engaged on 12/26/07, Keith (son #2), grandchild Anne with her parents, Neville (son #3) and Dune (Cox Thorne) who are expecting a baby boy in April, and Grandfolks Brent and Betsy. The photo was taken at the Compound boat dock.

Marguerite and George

We had a very Merry Christmas with lots of activities, came home 12/27, and brought in the New Year quietly at home where we relaxed and went to bed early.

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