NY Vacation NY Vacation

Some Pictures from our Vacation in New York State

Following the wedding in the Hamptons we decided to take a trip in New York State.

Marguerite in Front of Teddy Roosevelt's Home

We toured TR's home which is called Sagamore Hill. President Teddy Roosevelt was FDR's very distant cousin but closely related to FDR's wife, Eleanor.

Marguerite in Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park

Since Marguerite graduated from Vanderbilt University she was very interested in the Vanderbilt family. This mansion belonged to a grandchild of Commodore Vanderbilt.

Marguerite in Front of FDR's Home

This is the front of President Franklin Roosevelt's home in Hyde Park. We went through the presidental library.

Marguerite in Front of New York Capitol in Albany

This is a very interesting capitol. It was built when New York was the greatest state by far. One of the few capitols that does not have a dome.

Start of Erie Canal just North of Albany

The canal system is amazing. We were told one could leave New York City and go up the Hudson River and via the canals end up on the Mississippi River and go to New Orleans.

Marguerite Viewing American Falls

When visiting Niagara Falls we stayed on the Canadian side (prices cheaper). However the American side has put in a new park since last George was here in 1987.

Marguerite on Maid of the Mist Ride

We got very wet on this boat ride up to the falls' spray.

Visiting Friends in Syracuse

We visited friends of Marguerite's in Syracuse. Very nice green rolling hills in Syracuse (this time of year anyway).

Visiting NBC/Radio City in New York City

We took the NBC Studio Tour in New York City. George first took the Tour in 1972. Much different tour now. In New York we toured the UN Building, Ground Zero, Wall Street, Intrepid Aircraft Carrier, and went to two Broadway Shows.

Marguerite on Wall Street

We toured Wall Street. This is where George Washington first took his oath of office as President of the USA.

Cross at Ground Zero

We toured Ground Zero. This was a cross made of pieces of the World Trade Center Buildings. Very moving place with pictures of dead loved ones on various fences.

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