NY Wedding Some Pictures from Neville (Marguerite's Nephew) and Dune's Wedding

Some Pictures from Neville (Marguerite's Nephew) and Dune's Wedding

Marguerite and her entire family was invited to the Hampton's for her nephew's wedding. It was a very enjoyable experience and fun was had by all.

Dune and Neville Wedding in the Hamptons

This outdoor wedding was held on the Cox Compound in the Hamptons. It was a very special place. Most all of Marguerite's family were present. Neville is Marguerite's nephew.

Betsy & Brent, Parents of the Groom

Betsy is Marguerite's sister and mother of the Groom. Brent is Betsy's husband.

Marguerite at Reception in the Cox Compound Overlooking the Bay

This was a very nice wedding. It had a prewedding dinner provided by Brent and Betsy, the wedding, the wedding reception, and the day after the wedding there was a post wedding party. Not a good time to be on a diet.

Marguerite and Her Son Gar

Marguerite had a good time at the wedding with her family and especially her son Gar.

The Twins & Crawford Jackson

From left to right, Marguerite's Aunt Marga, Marguerite's first husband Crawford Jackson, and Marguerite's Mother Jessica.

Marguerite's Family

From left to right, Marguerite's cousin Peggy, Peggy's mother Marga, Marguerite's mother Jessica, Marguerite, and Marguerite's current husband.

Neville Taking Vows with CIA Watching

Picture of Marguerite's nephew taking vows with Gar and Crawford in background (with sun glasses).

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