Phoenix 2004 Trip Phoenix and Sedona Arizona Trip 2004

Phoenix and Sedona Arizona Trip 2004

Marguerite got invited to her association's 2004 Phoenix Conference to speak and perform other activities. The association is APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology) which Marguerite has been a member for over 30 years. We decided to go to the conference together and take a side trip to Northern Arizona as a mini-vacation. We try to combine business with pleasure as much as possible.

Marguerite at Sunburst

We stayed at the Sunburst Resort in Scottsdale. This is a photo of Marguerite going into the lobby from the pool area. It was so hot we did not go into the pool. The pool looked great at 8 AM in the morning when it was only 85 degrees but by noon it looked very cloudy because of the temperature and all the swimmers.

Sunburst Pool Area

The main pool of the Sunburst looked very nice, especially in the evening with the fire coming out of three pillars. It was just too hot to go outside in the evening.

Marguerite at Taliesin West

This is Frank Lloyd Wright's home in Phoenix. He lived here in the winter and had a college for budding architects. We toured the compound.

Our Tour Group Inside Main Building

This is our tour group inside the main building at Taliesin West (Taliesin is a Welsh word meaning brow, since Wright like to blend with nature and like to build on the brow of a hill). Most of the buildings were built by students as projects and did not have real glass until the late 40's.

Montezuma's Castle

This was named after Montezuma because at the time of discovery they did not know that Montezuma and the Aztecs did not reach this far north. This is the remains of a cliff dwelling we saw on the way to Sedona from Phoenix.

Montezuma's Castle, Better View

This is a better view of the cliff dwelling.

Marguerite in Sedona

Marguerite loved Sedona. Lots of red rocks and artist shops. At 4000 feet it had a nice temperature.

Marguerite at Grand Canyon

Marguerite was not impressed with the Grand Canyon. You can see the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon. In 1963 I went to the bottom of the canyon and back up totally unprepared. It is only 1.5 miles as the crow flies to the bottom of the canyon from this point. By the trail it is only 9 miles down. But to come up it is like 900 miles because of the heat and the altitude. Took an hour and a half to go down and 9 hours to get back to the top in 1963 by two 19 year old soldiers (me and a buddy).

Marguerite at the Top

Here Marguerite is at the top of the rim of the canyon. She is busily looking for places to shop and someplace to have lunchie.

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