Vegas Trip Vegas Trip, Feb. 2013

Our Anniversary Trip to Las Vegas, February 2013

This short Las Vegas trip was done as a combination Anniversary, Valentines, Birthday, Christmas present for Marguerite. She loves to see Celine and other shows in Vegas. George wanted to see the new bridge that routed traffic around the Hoover Dam for security purposes.

Hoover Dam Parking Lot

The first destination of the trip was Hoover Dam. We have been here many times but this is the first time since the bridge was complete. It is most impressive. The dam is 348 miles from our house, Prius got 41 MPG @ 75 MPH, so we needed 8.5 gallons of gasoline, one way. Prius can make it with no gas stops, Marguerite can't, so we stopped for lunch at In-N-Out Burger.

The Bridge

We walked up to the bridge this very windy day. MJ did not like the wind and went back to the car to wait for George. George wanted to walk across the bridge, then down to the dam, across the dam and back to the car. But when George got to the end of the bridge there was a barricade so he had to walk back to the car and then go down to the dam. Day 1, pain 1.

Las Vegas Hotel

We then went to Caesar's Palace Hotel to check in with our reservations, we have stayed here many times. This time reservations were made via website. Well they did not inform the hotel of the reservation so we were screwed. Day 1, pain 2.

We went off strip and asked the Prius Nav system to find us a nearby hotel, it did so we stayed at the Comfort Inn for 1/2 price with more features (stove, refrigerator, microwave, wi-fi, car parked 50 feet away, free breakfast, etc.). Will never stay at Caesar's again. We did not have time to change clothes, so we then went back to Caesar's for the Celine Show. We then found out Celine had the Flu. Day 1, pain 3. So we looked around Caesar's, then Bellagio, then looked at each other and went to sleep. Some exciting evening in Vegas.

Las Vegas Tourist Stops

Our next day started with a visit to a Pawn Shop (when in Rome .......). This is the Pawn Shop featured on the History channel show Pawn Stars. Today it is way more a tourist trap than a Pawn Shop. We then went to The Mob Museum. Finally we went to the Fremont Street Experience , had lunch and went back to the hotel to read a book and watch CNN, like we did in Hawaii, before our Donny and Marie Show (let us hope they are not sick).

Donny and Marie

Well Donny and Marie were not sick and we enjoyed the show. They were at the Flamingo Hotel where we have stayed before, but we were not in the mood to walk from the parking lot through the casino, with the noise and cigarette smoke, to the show room and back. The Georgie was ready to drive home using 8 gallons of gas. Marguerite felt ripped-off because of Day 1. We made it home in less than 5 hours (including lunch at Coco's with gasoline to spare to pick up Dreyfus in Point Loma). George is ready to go back to Vegas in 2087.

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